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A tale of two photo management applications - elsparquito — LiveJournal

About A tale of two photo management applications

Previous Entry A tale of two photo management applications Nov. 27th, 2006 @ 10:57 pm Next Entry
I've started using Adobe's Lightroom (free Beta version) for management and initial editing of my photos and so far I really like it. I discovered a podcast where Adobe engineers get together for 30 minutes or so at a time and chat about what's going on, what people in the forums are talking about, what they think about individual feature requests, and what might be happening in the future. It's a really neat look into the development process and a new way to get a feel for what the "team" is thinking.

And then I discovered that Apple just started a podcast this month about Aperture, their competitor to Lightroom. There are only two episodes so far, but the tone is 100% spot-on Apple. Which means it's stuck up and pompous. Where the Lightroom team seems friendly, and they give honest answers to criticism from users, the Aperture podcast is essentially an hour long sales pitch for Aperture, made by the product manager. The questions pretty much boil down to "So, I love feature XXX. What's it like to be so good?"

The Lightroom podcast makes me want to go work on the Lightroom team at Adobe. The Aperture podcast makes me want to hurl.

For what it's worth, I don't even have hardware fast enough to run Aperture, so it's not even an option for me. And the Lightroom beta will eventually expire when it's released as a real product. I plan to pay for Lightroom.
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