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Went to SLO to celebrate Greg - elsparquito

About Went to SLO to celebrate Greg

Previous Entry Went to SLO to celebrate Greg Apr. 11th, 2010 @ 10:18 pm Next Entry
We went down to SLO this weekend for a party to celebrate Greg beating cancer and still being alive. What a great trip it was, filled with lots of great people.

Greg and I were discussing how for him to live the tumor must die and that wasn't very good from the tumor's perspective. Greg astutely pointed out that there are no "tumor rights" organizations fighting for the fair treatment of tumors. Indeed I'm glad that Greg won the battle this time, regardless of how cute the tumor in the painting or the tumor-shaped-pinata looked.

The van full of Bay Area people was cool too, since I like hanging out with them and The Wife knows that crowd a lot better than the SLO crowd.
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