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Previous Entry Random stuff in my inbox Jan. 20th, 2010 @ 04:13 pm Next Entry
I have a pretty simple gmail address (6 characters long) and I get a lot of email destined for other people. Usually for people that have the same last name as I and the same first initial. A lot of this email is clearly from people who have given out my email address thinking that it is their own.

Some of this email is boring but some is really interesting. I've received hotel confirmation emails, real estate questions, lots of crafting invitations, and a few press inquiries for an olympic swimmer who shares my name. Usually I take the time to respond to the sender explaining that they have the wrong address and their intended recipient didn't get their message, etc. Usually the sender writes back and apologizes for the mistake and presumably finds the right email address and so on.

Today I received an evite invitation to Courtney's bridal luncheon, lingerie shower, and bachelorette party, which is February 6th, at a hotel in Dallas. One of evite's favorite features of mine is the "Notify me when guests reply" feature, which sends me email whenever any of the guests RSVP or make a comment. It's like stalking everyone else on the invitation.

I've marked myself down as a "maybe" and signed up for the updates so we'll see what happens. For those interested in the details of the invitation itself, the most interesting part is the Lingerie Shower at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas at 7:00 pm. According to the evite, Courtney wears a 36c bra and Medium panties.

If anyone attends, tell her I said congratulations on her upcoming wedding.
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