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It's a little late to mention, but The Wife and I took a tour of the North Bay last weekend on a hunt for recycled building materials to re-purpose and had the pleasure of swinging by the new places of two friends - Oliver and Nightshade. Talk about a contrast!

Oliver's place is Ultra-Luxe. No really, that's what it's called. He's got a 12th floor view of the Bay from downtown Oakland and in the waning hours of the afternoon the view was just sublime. Add some neat people and some munchies and it was quite the enjoyable cocktail party.

Then it was off to the industrial section of Oakland, behind the Colosseum to check out the warehouse that Nightshade moved into. Damn, this place was cool. He's sharing a 5,000 sq. foot subsection of a HUGE warehouse with two other fellow burner/artist/culture-jammer types in this mix of welding shop, warehouse, and ammo bunker.

If Mad Max lived in Oakland with a day job, this would be a pretty good crash space. I'm a big fan of Nightshade's style, and this place suits him quite well. There are plans afoot for some cool events there and I hope you all get a chance to see it sometime.

We don't get to that part of the Bay very often so it was nice to make hit so many different places in one trip.
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