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Looks like LJ is dead to me Aug. 28th, 2011 @ 11:38 am
As you probably know, I only check in here every few weeks (or less). I tlooks like LJ has made some sort of change where I can only see the last three entries on the page, and there's no link to see previous entries.

This makes LJ effectively unusable for me to keep tabs on your guys, so this is probably the end for me. I don't blog much anywhere, but I'll see y'all on facebook, Google+, and my own website. (Google my name and the word "photography" and you'll probably find it.)

I guess I got about as much as could be expected from LJ (given that I never actually paid them any money) so I'm not complaining. But I'll miss the updates from the two or three of you who still post here. (Joe, Brian, Kathleen)


ping Oct. 9th, 2010 @ 09:25 am
That is all for now.

Just a minor update Jul. 15th, 2010 @ 09:00 am
I'm still here! Well, not really. My account is still here and I still log in to see the updates of one or two people, but that's about it.

Facebook seems to have taken over the world so most of my social networking happens there (not that there's very much of it).

To the last two of you who actually update LJ: If you can move over to FB then we can all stop logging in here completely. Sound like a deal?

Went to SLO to celebrate Greg Apr. 11th, 2010 @ 10:18 pm
We went down to SLO this weekend for a party to celebrate Greg beating cancer and still being alive. What a great trip it was, filled with lots of great people.

Greg and I were discussing how for him to live the tumor must die and that wasn't very good from the tumor's perspective. Greg astutely pointed out that there are no "tumor rights" organizations fighting for the fair treatment of tumors. Indeed I'm glad that Greg won the battle this time, regardless of how cute the tumor in the painting or the tumor-shaped-pinata looked.

The van full of Bay Area people was cool too, since I like hanging out with them and The Wife knows that crowd a lot better than the SLO crowd.

Random stuff in my inbox Jan. 20th, 2010 @ 04:13 pm
I have a pretty simple gmail address (6 characters long) and I get a lot of email destined for other people. Usually for people that have the same last name as I and the same first initial. A lot of this email is clearly from people who have given out my email address thinking that it is their own.

Some of this email is boring but some is really interesting. I've received hotel confirmation emails, real estate questions, lots of crafting invitations, and a few press inquiries for an olympic swimmer who shares my name. Usually I take the time to respond to the sender explaining that they have the wrong address and their intended recipient didn't get their message, etc. Usually the sender writes back and apologizes for the mistake and presumably finds the right email address and so on.

Today I received an evite invitation to Courtney's bridal luncheon, lingerie shower, and bachelorette party, which is February 6th, at a hotel in Dallas. One of evite's favorite features of mine is the "Notify me when guests reply" feature, which sends me email whenever any of the guests RSVP or make a comment. It's like stalking everyone else on the invitation.

I've marked myself down as a "maybe" and signed up for the updates so we'll see what happens. For those interested in the details of the invitation itself, the most interesting part is the Lingerie Shower at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas at 7:00 pm. According to the evite, Courtney wears a 36c bra and Medium panties.

If anyone attends, tell her I said congratulations on her upcoming wedding.
Other entries
» I feel myself turning steampunk
I'm beginning to think I'm turning into a mild steampunk. Or that I have closet steampunk tendencies that I haven't fully acknowledged before.

I've always liked old things and had the mindset that a well-made widget constructed of wood and metal is worth more than a new piece of plastic crap. I appreciate craftsmanship and hand-made uniqueness instead of mass-produced and new. I like older houses and neighborhoods and look back nostalgically at those "simpler times" when neighborhoods were developed in an organic manner by individuals instead of mass-produced by developers.

The recent acquisition of an old typewriter (a Smith Corona Model 8 from about 1920) and Burroughs Adding Machine (Class 3, from about 1925) have led me to research older machines from before office equipment was electrified.

And then of course there are all my dreams of adding on to the house (circa 1900) in a historically appropriate manner...

So I've been immersing myself in the "old timey" stuff for a variety of reasons and finding that I like it. Sure - there are somethings I don't miss from the days of 100 years ago but there are some neat things that I can appreciate. I'm not saying that I'm going to go out and get me a pair of brass goggles and a top-hat - I'm just saying that I see why many people think that Victorian stuff is cool.
» LJ vs. Facebook
So, I'm thinking of breaking my Facebook virginity and joining. But I don't want to maintain Yet Another Social Networking Presence, so I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on replacing LiveJournal with Facebook.

I assume that everyone who reads this will also have a Facebook account*, and yet you're all still here reading this. Why haven't we all switched? The security model? The lack of blogging tools? Differences in social network?

I'm curious to hear what you people have to say, because I really don't feel like maintaining another account, updating both, etc. And yet half the good content here is marked friends-only, so I'd still have to keep this account and check in here to keep up with people.

* Because everyone besides me has a Facbook account, right?
» A couple of housewarmings
It's a little late to mention, but The Wife and I took a tour of the North Bay last weekend on a hunt for recycled building materials to re-purpose and had the pleasure of swinging by the new places of two friends - Oliver and Nightshade. Talk about a contrast!

Oliver's place is Ultra-Luxe. No really, that's what it's called. He's got a 12th floor view of the Bay from downtown Oakland and in the waning hours of the afternoon the view was just sublime. Add some neat people and some munchies and it was quite the enjoyable cocktail party.

Then it was off to the industrial section of Oakland, behind the Colosseum to check out the warehouse that Nightshade moved into. Damn, this place was cool. He's sharing a 5,000 sq. foot subsection of a HUGE warehouse with two other fellow burner/artist/culture-jammer types in this mix of welding shop, warehouse, and ammo bunker.

If Mad Max lived in Oakland with a day job, this would be a pretty good crash space. I'm a big fan of Nightshade's style, and this place suits him quite well. There are plans afoot for some cool events there and I hope you all get a chance to see it sometime.

We don't get to that part of the Bay very often so it was nice to make hit so many different places in one trip.
» Miles biked to work: 6 Helpful hand gestures given to clueless drivers: 1
Today is bike to work day. I biked!
» Moving to an earlier time slot
I've had two recent vacations (Hawaii and Wildflower Triathlon) that were very outdoorsy and lead me to shift my schedule earlier in the day and I really like this. I'm going to try to get on more of an early schedule and keep it that way for a while.

I like the outdoors. I like daylight. I like leaving work on the early side. Getting up any time after the sun is out is not a problem for me.

As long as I can give up my addiction to surfing the web into the wee hours and keep getting to bed at a reasonable time, I should be able to pull this off. Today, I'll go to work an hour earlier than I used to.
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